Vector Art Conversion

Vector Art Conversion

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Vector Art

Cre8iveSkill aims to revolutionize the world of vector artwork by providing an exclusive conversion facility at affordable rates.

We aim to give you vector designs that are ready to print with zero hassles. With quick turnaround time and a highly talented team, we focus on capturing the hearts of our customers with dedication and incomparable skills.

Our online vector art conversion services are best suited for marketing, screen printing, promotional and wholesale requirements. We have a diverse team and numerous experts who can process your orders rapidly and within a stipulated timeline.

We have expertise in raster to vector conversion, vector tracing, background removing, drop shadow, color correction, image retouching, graphic mock-up on the product, etc.

For vector art conversion and designing services, we have various available formats like DXF, WMF, AI, CDR, PDF, EPS, etc. Cre8iveSkill has the best vector artwork services!


Raster red car before Raster red car after
  • Screen printing

 Screen Printing is the process of transferring an image or a design onto a flat surface using mesh screens, ink, and squeegees. Common surfaces for this are fabric or paper but, with the use of specialized inks, it's also possible to print the designs on wood, metal, plastic, and glass!

  • Direct-to-Garment printing

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is a popular and durable method of print that is done directly on clothing by spraying the ink. The ink soaks into the fibers, leaving it nice looking without any blemishes or stains rubbing off over time! 

  • Sublimation printing

Transferring a design onto a surface using ink and heat is Sublimation Printing. It requires the images to have a high quality to get the best results. Vector images have no pixelation. Hence they are the best choice.

  • Reactive printing

This method uses reactive dyes and steam to print permanent designs on the fabric. Reactive printing using vector images is ideal when the images are complex, and the lines and curves are sharper.

  • Direct-to-Film printing

The main difference between DTG & DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing is that in DTG, the design is printed directly onto the fabric, while in DTF, the design is first printed on a transparent film and then coated with an adhesive to stick it onto the fabric.

  • Laser Engraving

Using lasers to etch a design or image on a solid surface like leather, glass, and metal, or even textile materials is known as Laser Engraving. In the fashion industry, vector art in Laser Engraving is preferred if thin lines have to be engraved on the apparel.

  • Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting is a versatile procedure involving vinyl cutters to cut and weave through the fabric to produce designs, labels, and even heat-transfer prints. Vinyl cutting is extremely precise, making digital art vectors the best fit for textile designs.


Our Specialization

  • Minimum Vector Nodes

  • No overlapping or cut lines

  • Affordable Prices

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Handle large volumes

  • Internal Quality Check

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What Do We Specialize In?

Our team of experienced and skilled designers works rigorously to keep them updated with the latest and growing techniques of vector conversion. Cre8iveSkill offers several solutions for converting your drawings into high-quality vector images. With our online tools, top-notch expertise, hazzale free vector designs , and quick turnaround time, you can get your design out there in no time! Here are the services that we specialize in:

Vector Services Fees & Pricing


We have flat pricing for vector art

Depending on the effort required

  • Simple $ 8.00USD
  • Normal $ 16.00USD
  • Medium $ 24.00USD
  • Complex Request Quote
  • Rush Service No Rush Charge
  • Minimum Charges $8.00USD
  • Rush Order No Charge
  • Rush services for complex design Not applicable

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