Cre8iveSkill's Journey Towards Success

About Us

Cre8iveSkill's Journey Towards Success

About Us

With an experience of 25 years in Vector Art Services, Vector Art Conversions, Custom Embroidery Digitizing Contract Embroidery, Illustrations, and Vector Design Services, we are equipped and adept at all the services mentioned above. We are skillfully organized service providers of Embroidery Digitizing, Contract Embroidery, Illustration & Vector Art designing Services, and Garment Manufacturing. We are technologically advanced when it comes to the skillset, machinery, and software that are the heart of every digitized embroidery and all our vector art services.

"Entrepreneurship has been his first love"

"Entrepreneurship has been his first love"

 Debashish A Ghosh has 29 years of experience in the garment manufacturing business. Before venturing into the idea that is Cre8iveSkill, he played major roles in the garment and manufacturing industry. He was the founder President at Garment Manufacturers Association, Founder Director in Orange City Garment Cluster Pvt. Ltd. & Orange Tree Impex & Clothing Co. Pvt. Ltd. He has also been a founder of the New Leaf Skill Development Institute and also the CEO of Orange Tree Garments. He added a feather to his cap with these privileged positions.

With Cre8iveSkill, he turned his vision into reality. His major objective has always been to accelerate technological advances. Cre8iveSkill is the avant-garde vision where all the ready-made garment related services are joined under the same roof.

The passion for computerized embroidery began in 1998 with just 2 Toyota single heads and a Compucon Embroidery Software for the digitization of designs. His hard work came to fruition when Cre8iveSkill gained embroidery contracts from Barbie Doll and other local T-shirt manufacturers. This was the turning point for Cre8iveSkill and hence began the journey of all kinds of embroideries from Indian Ethnic garments to caps, handkerchiefs, and custom embroidered patches, and so on.

His dream became bigger and bigger as time passed and from one machine he progressed to 20 machines providing employment to a large number of people. Cre8iveSkill has got 172 heads of the most intricate and sophisticated SWF Korean brand and other multi-head machines with the attachments like CHENILLE, CORDING & SEQUIN. Eventually, he got engaged in garment manufacturing and production facilities.

Cre8iveSkill is roaring with success with it's excellent customized embroidery digitization, Vector Art Services, embroidery digitizing, and contract garment manufacturing services.

Our Infrastructure

As a leading innovator in the garment and textile industry services in India, we are a creative service providing organizations with more than 2 decades of experience in Embroidery Digitizing, Vector Art Online, Custom Embroidery, and Contract garment manufacturing services.

Started a computerized embroidery unit 'Motif Digital Embroidery'


Established Cre8iveSkill with vigour and enthusiasm in our hearts.

This is how we started our journey

We believe in clarity and clear communication and this is our story!


Digital Embroidery Unit in Nagpur (1998)

"Motif Digital Embroidery" was a great hit because it transformed the readymade garments scenario substantially in Nagpur.

The unit expanded from 1 machine to 14 machines providing employment to more than 50 people.

Digital Embroidery Unit in Nagpur (1998)


Became the primary force in nourishing Nagpur Garment Cluster. There were many seminars and workshops initiated like export documentation & packaging, technology up-gradation, skill training for machine operators, intellectual property rights, international machinery fair visit and so on.


CEO @Orange Tree Impex & Clothing Co. Pvt. Ltd. (2009)

A small readymade garment manufacturing factory having 50 most modern
sewing machines was commissioned to make shirts and trousers for the domestic market.

CEO @Orange Tree Impex & Clothing Co. Pvt. Ltd. (2009)

Founder @Orange city Garment Cluster Pvt.Ltd.

An integrated factory having sewing, embroidery, and washing facilities. Garments for national brands were manufactured here. In the year 2016, started a BPO by the name Orange Tree Garments where we undertake outsourcing of Embroidery & Vector Designs to International Clients. Designs are created using sophisticated designing software and exported to clients all over the world.

Founder @ Orange city Garment Cluster Pvt.Ltd.

Founded Cre8iveSkill in the year 2016

The developing interest and vast experience in the garment manufacturing and textile industry led to the establishment of Cre8iveSkill in the year 2016. Till date, Cre8iveSkill is flourishing worldwide.

Founded Cre8iveSkill in the year 2016

We encourage women to spread their wings!

Empowering every woman out there has been our prime focus. Well, this is the reason Cre8iveSkill is the second home of every house goddess. Females have been a major part of our journey. Be it showcasing their talent, skills, or innovative ideas our organization is open to each!

Transforming the Lives of Women!
Uplifting Standards!

The women working at Cre8iveskills are supremely talented and setting a great example for the other female generation. For sure, women are inclined to alter the societal myths and ultimately diversify the standards of working as well!

Our mission

Cre8iveSkill aims to provide top-notch quality and affordable customized embroidery, embroidery digitizing & vector art services. We are here to enhance your experience so you are left with nothing but delight in your heart with our outcome.

Our essence

Cre8iveSkill believes in delivering diverse and optimistic computerized embroidery & logo digitizing services and heartwarming experiences to our clients. We promise to make your garment look fabulous and extravagant and of the highest quality.

Our promise

Cre8iveSkill works on individuality, creativity, inclusivity, imagination, and transformation. All this is done for a greater future of the innovative industry. We believe in an inclusive outlook of everything.

Our vibe

We have a creative and artistic, gypsy soul vibe. Whether it's our employees or our loyal customers, each one of them has described Cre8iveSkill as the harbinger of positive connections.


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