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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to us. Please read our privacy policy carefully


Cre8iveskill website encourages you to buy our products like digitized embroidery designs, receive discounts, enrol into a survey, enter contests, subscribe to emails, newsletters and other promotional offers. Be rest assured all the information collected is to enhance the user experience in terms of products and services offered to customers. Our policies may be changed from time to time, hence kindly check our privacy policy page frequently. Except as limited below, we reserve the right to use or disclose your personally identifiable information for business reasons in whatever. All information collected from you may be shared with and its affiliate companies.

Except terms discussed in this privacy policy, the document refers to any information we have collected online from you, our customer/ For certain services, we gather this information and transfer it to a service provider you have allowed or in case you visit other providers or merchants through the links that are present on our sure, who might gather you are and use your personal information. When it comes to a third party, they will be in the position to govern how they handle your information. Please feel free to ask questions and be careful about what information you share.

Attn: Privacy Compliance Officer
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This Privacy Policy will explain the following regarding the use of our site:

  1. What information does gather from its website visitors?
  2. Where do we collect information from you and how do we use it?
  3. Who is collecting your information?
  4. With whom do we share your information?
  5. How can you update or correct your Personally Identifiable Information?
  6. What are your choices regarding the collection, use, and distribution of your information?
  7. What security precautions are in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of your information?
  8. Special note about children's privacy
  9. and third-party use of "cookies" and "action tags."
  10. You should carefully review the privacy policies of any third-party sites accessible from
  11. Contacting about privacy questions or concerns
  12. Privacy Policy changes


We collect two types of information i.e. Personally Identifiable Information and Non-Personally Identifiable Information. The intention is to collect information provided in the most convenient, effective and user-friendly manner while you are a visitor to our site.


Here we go into specifics about you, and your identity as a customer on our site. We request this information during registration or account set up or purchase a product receive discounts, enroll into the survey, enter contests, subscribe to emails, newsletters, feedbacks and other promotional offers. Examples of this are as follows credit card or other payment information, billing address, telephone number e-mail address, and product details. We use this information to help fulfill your orders better by filling It up. We may use your personal info on behalf of other merchants and share it with them. In case you use any link thatís on our website, the third party will be responsible for the information collection ad you can check out their privacy policy to know more about how they handle their information practices.


This does not specifically identify itself to any specific individual. This is general information based on your preferences while shopping on our site. This information is uniformly analyzed on a personal and an aggregated basis For instance, this includes your browser detail, your IP address, website URL that you just came from, which URL you next go to. A URL is a unique address with documents and other information that is associated with a worldwide web. Your IP address is your own unique identifier for a computer or device on a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ("TCP/IP") network, such as the World Wide Web. IP is a specific number that has been uniquely assigned to the computer that you use to access the internet; it is the location or identity of your computer. Computers use this IP address to communicate with the internet, browse information and shop things. On an aggregated basis, the site collects anonymous data pertaining to products, downloads and other content that is sampled, clicked on, clicked on, streamed, transferred from and downloaded, searched for. Except as otherwise limited in this Policy, we may disclose, sell, trade, or rent Non-Personally Identifiable Information to others without your consent.


The goal of this information is to give our users a highly customized experience. We request this information during registration or account set up or purchase a product receive discounts, enroll into the survey, enter contests, subscribe to emails, newsletters, feedbacks, other promotional offers and enhance the overall operation of our site performance.

We collect demographic data from content servers, third-party advertising servers, or web site analysis agents who help us with the zip code or area code that is linked with a visitorís servers along with the pages theyíve viewed on Cre8iveskills. We analyze the actions of visitors on an aggregate basis to understand customers' preferences. also does explore our guests' demographics, interests, and pages seen based on the data provided to us during purchasing, a promotion, from our web site analysis agents, from our server log files, or from contests, drawings, or surveys. This data is used to custom-make our user experience, enhance our marketing initiatives and to analyze our site statically to help enhance our website layout, website content, optimization of services and more. Third parties provide us with reports from third party ad servers, content servers, or web site analysis agents that intimate us on the number of ads were run and clicked, what was viewed and preferred. Your personally identifiable information may be shared with those who extend their services to us, our customers and our visitors. They may include consultants, authorized contractors and companies working with us (collectively, "agents"), where we trust it to be fitting (using our discretion), we will request our agents not to reveal or use your individual information for reasons other than to provide services to you or

We collect data in the following ways:


We gather IP addresses for the following reasons - to gather broad demographic data, purposes of system administration, to run ads on our website, to report Non-Personally Identifiable Information to our advertisers to access the activity on our site. We gather the information from our site guests of regarding URLís they routed from, domain type types (e.g., .com or .org), IP address, time and date of visit or purchase, the no of times they have visited, time of browsing session, server type, operating system, browser type used to come to the site, state, and telephone area code of server locations, the pages and page titles of our site that visitors viewed during their visit, if the visitor's computer has Java and Cookies enabled, language used in the browser, applications and plug-ins, search terms used on our site.


While purchasing, we collect personally identifiable information from our users. We collect your username, email address, shipping address, billing address, telephone number, credit card or other payment information, product selections, referring URL, IP address, order number, the page you bought from and a password. We gather this information and other information as disclosed in this policy, in order to fill in your order details, to communicate with you about your order and to help you with promotional offers. Before confirming, you can check and review the product order form, you can make changes and additions to the information it contained and these changes will be automatically kept for future use.


Gifts cards on our site would require the recipient's name and email address. This information will only be for gift card purposes, but no other purposes.


Every time you download a product from us, we collect your personally identifiable information. We collect your username, email address, shipping address, billing address, telephone number, credit card, or other payment information, product selections, referring URL, IP address. We gather this information and other information as disclosed in this policy, in order to fill in your order details, to pay royalties and license fees, to analyze our site, to communicate with you about your order and to help you with promotional offers. When you download any digital data from our site, there are broad but necessary limits placed upon how you can copy, transfer, or use that download on approved computers, electronic devices and other media.


To enhance our service levels, we often ask our customers for surveys, that may be collected by other independent third parties. Individual survey answers are confidential, however, Non-Personally Identifiable Data is collected and divulged to third parties. You can decline the survey If you donít wish to disclose your details.


When you participate in contest our promotion-related activity, we request for contact information such as your address and e-mail address in order to manage the contest, name, to direct your promotional e-mails, inform winners and make the winners' list openly accessible pursuant to certain states' laws. Your consent to this promotional use and revelation of this information depends on your participation. For receiving any prize, you need to submit an Affidavit of Eligibility, for Cre8iveskill to guarantee that you are entitled to have the prize according to the particular Contest Rules.


Our newsletters, promotional e-mails such are done as free services for our customers. We will send across periodically listing current specials and offers. If you wish to stop receiving our newsletter, send an e-mail to us at Kindly Note: If you decide to obtain e-mails from any of our third-party service providers or any third-party merchants on our site, you shall receive e-mails separately from them. Any information disclosed to them will depend on their privacy policy. At any point you decide you donít want to receive their e-mails, please follow their specific opt-out instructions.


Any means used to contact our service teams either by email, telephone, a letter may be recorded or correspondence and comments data maintained for our reference. In case you report a problem on our website, we may use this information in a file that is specific to you. When you contact us, we may ask you your name, email id, order details to ensure we can send you an appropriate reply. If case users or third parties send us communication regarding your actions or purchases on our site, we may use this information in the file that is specific to you


We might display advertisements on our website. Based on the information we have; we may be able to deliver content and advertisements that are more relevant to you as targeted advertising banners or promotions. For instance Ė Advertisers give us advertising, they let us know the type of audience they want to reach out to. takes the advertisement and incorporates email prior customer meeting that standard. We might also have third-party advertising servers exhibit ads related to certain keyword terms that you may have entered typed in or to specific pages that you may view. During this process, advertisers do not have access to distinct account information. Additionally, may share combined data with advertisers.


We use this information to track traffic patterns throughout your online sessions. This also includes website pages, information and advertisements a purchaser views while using our site and what items they add into the cart. Your IP address may be used to identify problems with our servers, software, to administer our site and to collect demographic information. We may share combined statistics about pages viewed on the website, sales and other shopping information with third parties.


We use cookies and might also allow others to use cookies in the process of our site operation.


We might use and permit others to use action tags or web beacons in the process of our site operation.



We might use content servers to serve ads or third-party ad servers, or other data both on and off our site. Third parties may use ďaction tags" or web beacons through the website to tally the number of visitors who click on a banner ad or other information and to analyse the number of customers who remain on to make a procurement. They can place their own "cookie" on your device to help those ads to run and analyse site usage. We refrain from sharing any your Personally Identifiable Information. For further information about the data they collect, kindly check the section "Use of Cookies and Action Tags" below.


Third-party may be used for sending promotional e-mails to customers. Images may be third party ones. Information collected might include browser type, and server your device is logged onto, the country location of your servers logged onto, the time and date that a particular email was viewed, your IP address, your operating system, the area code and zip code associated with your server, whether you responded to a particular ad or email, and, products viewed and whether you continued on to make a purchase. We can use a third party to send promotional e-mails to customers. Images that are used might be served by a third party. They may use a "cookie" or "action tags."


We might contract with various online partners that help us managing and optimizing our internet business and marketing activities. We use their services to measure the efficacy of our advertising services and the traffic it brings to our site. To ensure this traction, we use Action Tags and cookies provided by marketing companies. The range of data we collect pages, information and advertisements viewed as well as what items are placed in a shopping basket or purchased, the amount of a purchase, the product number and the quantity purchased the order number. This information aids us to understand information about what kind of customer our website brings in, what products interest the customer the most, what offers do our customers prefer. While the marketing companies track this information sourced from our site, we are in control of how the data may or may not be used. For further information check section "Use of Cookies and Action Tags"


Other than disclosures as set forth in this Policy, we make our customer records accessible to licensors of digital content and other external auditing agents in confidentiality as part of periodic audits of our download sales. We might allow the third party to sample/ stream digital download samples in our site. That service accumulates your browser type, IP address, platform type and a date/time stamp Internet Service Provider (ISP). They also use cookies.


We contract our work with various third-party service providers to carry our operation of many of our website functions. We allow these third-party service providers with your other personal information as required to accomplish any orders that customers place


We may also enable promotion activities by our merchants where you can be redirected to visit merchant sites. During these promotions, a window or frame may appear on a merchantís website. Each time you are in this window, you can assume your information is being collected and disclosed based on the merchantís policy. Our privacy policy does not apply to the merchantís privacy policy. However, when you return to our website, any further information collected will be in accordance with our privacy policy.


Kindly note that our website might contain links that redirect you to other sites across the internet that may be owned by third parties. Our privacy policy does not apply to the third partyís privacy policy. These sites may use their own cookies, data collection tools and collect your personal informationís. Other links of companies or ad servers on our site may collect information about you through cookies when you click through it. Contact any advertiser directly in case you may have any questions related to data use.



Any information gathered by will be used for easier order processing, informing you about order status, statistical purpose, enhancing site performance, to run ads or to promote offers that might benefit you.

We shall divulge your Personally Identifiable Information to third parties to, deliver your order, charge your credit card, provide customer service, fill your order, deliver promotional e-mails to you and provide you with credit from. For instance, we are required to provide your credit card information to the card-issuing bank to carry through payment; and information about your address and contact number to the delivery service to deliver products that you purchased. Your Personally Identifiable Information is provided to third-party fulfillment and merchant partners and service providers.


We may share Non-Personally Identifiable Information related to our traffic details, customer sales and other information, however, we will not divulge any time of Personally Identifiable Information with third parties. We might release account info when it is deemed necessary in cases where we may have to enforce or apply our Terms of Use or to protect the rights, safety, property, and of In the case where the customer fails to carry out payment, this data may be submitted to third party agencies involved in the collection of this information. Third parties could include temporary employees, consultants, authorized contractors, other companies working with us (collectively, "agents"). We shall instruct our agents to not divulge any of the personal information outside of


When you purchase or sign up for any product or service from our site that is sold by one of our third-party or may be fulfilled by the third party, we forward your personal information for the third party to fulfill your order successfully.


The data that we collect in the process of your interaction with us on our website may be provided to companies for analysis purposes. This analysis allows us to improve our site management, product selection capabilities and to inform you about new offers. The analysis agent shall not share this information with others with anyone except

Ad & Content Servers, Advertisers, Image Servers and Website Analysis Agents Third parties can be cookies' identification numbers and internal web site tracking to enable ads on and off (included and not limited to the internet) our website. In order to collect aggregated data to analyze statistics about traffic matters, site information, visitor details and preferences. Cookies are used to collect this information; this could be our or our third parties service provider's cookies that are used to educate and optimize in order to serve ads better. In case our ad servers collect any Personally Identifiable Information, it shall not be used or disclosed to any other third parties.


In case when is asked to comply with law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide Personally Identifiable Information to the appropriate governmental authorities., it shall be disclosed upon receiving the necessary regulatory mandate like receipt of a court order, subpoena, or to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation, without prior notice to you. We shall fully adhere to, comply and extend support to law enforcement agencies to help identify those that use our service for illegal activities. We stand by the right to information to law enforcement agencies about any activities that we believe to be malpractice or unlawful.


Every time you enroll any promotions or sweepstakes or drawing, we might provide entry-level information that encompasses age, email id, address, name & age to the company providing the sponsors for the promotional prizes. They can use your personally identifiable information to offer you promotional materials etc.

SALE OF THE COMPANY and its associated companies reserve the right to divulge your personally identifiable information in case the company is sold in whole or part, in whole or in part, either as an entire corporate entity or through an asset sale that includes a customer information database. This right is reserved whether or not the customer database is sold independently of any continuing operations of such a company.

5. How can you update or correct your Personally Identifiable Information? believes that our customers must have access to edit their personal information any time they want. Therefore, during the online process, you could add, delete and review the information submitted. You can edit and change this information at any time. In case you have changes in the information, we request your prompt updating. You could ask for any of your information to be deleted, but do note that we shall keep a track of the purchases made with us, that information cannot be deleted. For security purposes, backup data is stored in our systems, this cannot be made obsolete from our database. Therefore, it canít be expected that all of your Personally Identifiable Information will be made entirely obsolete from our backed-up databases.



You may receive emails from us about promotions, specials any additions to our line and more. You could choose to opt-out or unsubscribe from these emails to refrain from receiving our services. You could email us to stop our promotional emails. Post which the user cannot receive future emails unless they open a new account or sign up for the newsletter.

Kindly note Ė If you agree to get emails from our third-party providers, you shall receive emails from them, and any information you disclose will be entailed in their privacy policy. To opt us of their emails, kindly connect with their team for the same.


You have the ability to disable cookies to prevent any assignment from any ad server of a unique identifier. However, you might experience minor hassles and shopping inconvenience if you do so due to site performance.


They ensure complete safety and security in transactions all your credit card information and order fulfillment is taken care of by third party banking processes agents and institutions. They ensure that they receive the right amount of information needed to carry out the successful transactions and process your order shipment.

Within our, the information has been stored in a password protected manner with limited access. Wherever possible, keeps the servers behind secure corporate firewalls maintains controls on access to the system from both our internal


Our users must be above 18 years of age to have permission to use our website and services. As a part of her policy, we do not collect any policy we do not collect any information from persons below the age of 13 years of age. If you are the parent or guardian of an individual who may have divulged any information with us, kindly email us, we will have the information deleted.



Upon using our site, the cookie will be stored on your device so that it facilitates order management. A cookie is a small text file with information that is stored on your computer/ device. Cookies store this information using random user identification numbers that allows you to come back to a shopping cart. Cookies include your name, your country and more. You may be unable to shop on our site without your browser set to accept cookies.


WE MIGHT USE AN EXTERNAL COMPANY OR CONTENT SERVER TO POST BANNERS OF ADVERTISEMENTS AND OTHER INFORMATION FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES. AS A PART OF THAT SERVICES, DIFFERENT COOKIES THAT THEY OWN WOULD BE PLACED ON YOUR DEVICE. OTHER THAN THE COMPANY THAT MAY SERVE PROMOTIONAL EMAILS, CRE8IVESKILL.COM SHALL NOT DISCLOSE YOUR PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION. and its third-party ad servers do gather and use Non-Personally Identifiable Information about you, such as your IP address, the country, browser type, the URLs from which you came, operating system, the server your computer is logged onto referring site's domain types, where the servers that your computer is logged onto is located, the pages of our site and products that visitors viewed during their visit, where an ad was placed on a specific web site page, the time and date particular ads were served, the area code and zip code associated with your server and whether you responded to a particular ad, and a receipt identifier.

Our third-party ad servers might sometimes use external agents, whose systems will run ads on our site in the same way and under the conditions as above. Additionally, other advertisers place banner ads on our site in the same manner as above, but we do not disclose to them any Personally Identifiable Information.


Included within the ad-serving process, a third party may provide graphics on our site. To customize their service, they may also place a cookie on your device. While has no control over the use of that cookie, no Personally Identifiable or individual customers' product information is collected.
Third parties may analyze what our visitors find to be most engaging about the website. To ensure that, they place a cookie on your device with a randomly assigned unique number in order to track the pages you view on our site, along with other Non-Personally Identifiable Information.


To Tag response on our website on a certain advertisement, we use an action tag or a web-beacon (also known as a clear gif or a pixel tag). Action tags are 1x1 pixel images embedded in a website page that are used to transparently collect information. Our ad server, content servers and website analysis agents may use action tags to count the number of times that visitors click on a particular banner ad or visit the pages of our site and to provide information about what products are viewed or purchased. Without collecting any personally identifiable information, they use that data to tell us (and other advertisers) which ads are the most effective on particular sites. Our ad server, content server and website analysis agents may use an action tag on our basket page, checkout page, and other pages, to keep anonymous track of the number of times that clicking on a banner ad or views other information on our site results in a purchase. They also collect the amount of the purchase, order confirmation number, stock keeping unit number, quantity and identity of product purchased.


A third-party e-mail distributor may also use action tags. They may, for example, keep track of when a promotional e-mail is opened and provide with ongoing aggregated reports of how many customers have responded. We share with them web site usage information about visitors to our web site who have received a promotional e-mail or other targeted promotional campaigns. They use the information for the purpose of targeting future campaigns and upgrading visitor information used in reporting statistics. For this purpose, we and our third-party e-mail distributor note some of the pages you visit on our web site through the use of action tags.


Other sites accessible through our website have their own privacy policies and data collection, use and disclosure practices. Please consult each site's privacy policy. is not responsible for the policies or practices of third parties. Please be aware that this site may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. The information practices of those web sites linked to are not covered by this Privacy Policy. These other sites may send their own cookies to users, collect data, or solicit personal information. Additionally, other companies that place advertising on our site may collect information about you when you view or click on their advertising through the use of cookies. We cannot control this collection of information. You should contact these advertisers directly if you have any questions about their use of the information that they collect.

On behalf of various sponsors, provides sponsored links to third-party web sites. If you click on a sponsored link or banner ad, a "window" or "frame" containing a third-party's web site may appear in the foreground with the web site in the background. Unless you are on the web site, any time that you have moved to a window, you should assume that your personal information is being collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the windowed site's privacy policy (if any). If you are unsure as to whose privacy policy applies, please contact us by sending a letter to the address below.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact by sending a letter to:


Cre8iveskill Team


If makes changes to any terms or conditions of the Privacy Policy, the changes will be posted in this document so that you will always know what information we gather, how we might use that information and to whom we will disclose it. We may change, modify, add or remove portions of this Policy at any time, and any changes will become effective immediately upon being posted unless we tell you otherwise

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