Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Cre8iveSkill is a professional embroidery digitizing & vector artwork services

Frequently Asked Questions

Cre8iveSkill is a professional embroidery digitizing & vector art company and has been in this business for a very long time. We have our clients in Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA. We provide brilliant quality services related to embroidery (digitizing logos, custom digitizing, digitizing photos, machine embroidery services, embroidery patches) and the screen-printing industry (artworks re-drawn, logos designed, logos created, stock designs, stock clip-art, logos vectorized). We offer 24/7/365 services. Most of your editing is free until you are satisfied.

Embroidery Digitizing is tracing artwork with stitches using software to turn it into embroidery files. It is the method of converting artwork into digital form with the help of embroidery digitizing software. Cre8iveSkill’s embroidery digitizing service carries a strong ability to transfer any work of art into a language recognizable by embroidery machines. Our embroidery digitizing services are highly beneficial if you are looking for the embroidery of the logo, symbol, artwork, and photo of your company on the fabric for the purpose of promotion. 

Cre8iveSkill understands that design is a constant challenge to balance comfort, luxury, and practical desire. So, with backbreaking work and customers's preferences in mind, we aim to make everything fantastic for you.

Cre8iveSkill believes in producing extraordinary vector artwork for its awesome clients. Our happiness lies in the delight of our customers. We strive hard for innovation and elegance.

Manual tracing of the artwork takes place to ensure that there are no errors left in the digital illustration and vector artwork. Scrutinization takes place easily with the help of adept professionals in our team.

Whether it is a digitized design or vector art, our turnaround time is a maximum of 12 hours. Some large/intricate designs may take more time. We also do Rush Orders within 2 hours (depending on the design) at no extra cost. Cre8iveSkill makes every effort to make the client's experience with us extremely easy and professional.

Please check How much does it cost? for more details.

Simply email your artwork to or fill the order form and we will send the completed design directly back to you.

If you failed to upload the files for some reason, you may send all your orders and quotes to us using the mails:

 Simply email your artwork to and we will send the free quotation back to you.

For both embroidery digitized ,vector artwork designs & embrpoidery patches we can accept the following:
Illustrator .AI .EPS | Photoshop .PSD | JPEG Bitmap .JPG .JPEG | Windows Bitmap .BMP CompuServe .GIF |TIFF Bitmap .TIF | Corel Draw .CDR | Others .ZIP .PPT .TIFF .DOC.


For digitized designs: DST, EMB, ISI, PES, PFX, Toyota 10o (Please contact us for other formats available.)  For vector artwork designs: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, EPS, (Please contact us for other formats available.

We inspect each design individually and ensure that the designs are sharp and clean. If you find any defect, we will correct it and sew it again. We do this until it is perfectly done and then send the DST file with the scan of the sew out to you.

Most of the editing is free. We only charge if you add a new part to the the original logo we have already completed or in case you change your introduction which will need us to re-digitize, such as adding lettering, background. In the latter case, we will only charge for the stitches for the extra part.

Paypal or debit/credit card over the phone. Please contact us at for more details.

Yes, the web site is encrypted under a secure connection.

Yes, we issue all invoices on a weekly basis and payment must be sent upon receipt of invoice. Please contact us at for more details.

You can either email us or phone (+91) 9130010350

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