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Brother PE-Design Plus:

This is an intermediate level software package.


Key features of the software are:

- Create any custom designs.

- Lets you merge your designs with inbuilt designs

- Import scanned images to create a digitized design format.

- An inbuilt simulator function is given so you can see the design you are editing so it can be printed flawlessly. 

- Designs for single-needle machines. 

- 100+ built-in embroidery designs.

- 35 built-in fonts.

- Three basic types of stitches (satin, fill, and programmable fill).

- 2 line zig-zag and running stitch



- An ample number of built-in embroidery designs.

- It helps to create your designs.


- Cannot use the software on MAC

- Very limited stitch types, small and tiny alphanumeric fonts


For the amount, you are paying you are not given enough stitch types in this software!


Brother PE-Design 10:

- The PE-Design 10 is a step up in capability from its Design Plus sibling. So, it is for the advanced user.

- In addition to PE-Design 10 single needle machine, it also works with multiple needle machine with hoop size of 14” x 14”

- 800+ built-in embroidery designs.

- 90+ built-in fonts including true type, small, and monogram fonts.

- Gradation and color blending available. 

- 7 line stitches (Motif, Zigzag, E/V, Running, Candlewicking, Stem, and Triple).

- Stamp pattern effect

- A name drop template.

All these new functions increase your efficiency in creating designs!



- 130 built-in fonts

- Easy user interface

- New functions 

- Over 1000 built-in designs

- Intelligent colour sort

- Enhanced photo stitch quality

- Enhanced Applique wizard

- Enhanced Split stitch tool



- Cannot use on a MAC


It is the most versatile software to use for digitizing embroidery. 


Embrilliance StitchArtist Levels 1, 2, and 3:

This software comes in three different levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

This aoftaware doesn’t let you customize any existing designs. If you want to create or digitize any artwork from scratch this is the software for you. You are capable of controlling everything, shapes properties and stitches.

Creating designs with StitchArtist is easier compared to other softwares. It lets you create any design in a single mode, right from sizing, drawing, editing, setting stitches, sequencing, rotating and setting the properties of each shape. 

The number of functions available in every level heps you learn the software at your own pace. 

You can always proceed from level 1 use of software for hobby to level 2 use of more complex and sophisticated designs. At level 3 you get the ultimate diseigning experience. 


- No limitations on creating stitch designs from scratch.

- Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

- No new learning curve when you upgrade to Levels 2 and 3.


- It's not a photo-to-stitch tool. 


Smoother upgrade between softwares, easier to learn and proceed with a smoother learning curve.  

Winner of the best embroidery digitizing software:


Wilcom Digitizer Embroidery Software:

- Specifically made for professional digitizers, industry trainers and embroidery educators. 

- New creative stitching effects

- Fastest digitizing speed

- 226 embroidery fonts

- Evenly spaced double spiral stitch

- Auto digitize photo function

- Reduced stitch count

- Spiral fills, Paghadi Stitch, Chaval Stitch, 3D raised satin stitch, Manual and automatic graded motifs, Contour Stitching.



- Advanced libraries in fonts and numbers.

- Faster Stitching

- Decreases thread count



- Cost is on the higher side of the spectrum

- Only meant for professionals, educators and industry trainers.



This particular software can be the most amazing if you have been in the industry for a long time. If you want the best out of your artwork this is the software for you.


Best beginners software:

Choose Digitize N Stitch by Amazing Designs if you are a beginner, easier to learn and proceed to intermediate level as it has some level 2 functions as well. 


Best intermediate software:

StitchArtist Level 2 is for the intermediate level, best to hone your skills to proceed to an advanced level. 


Best advanced software:

You cannot go wrong with Wilcom Digitizer Softwares, they provide you with a range of functions for your advanced design needs. 

 We hope you liked our software review and the guide will help you choose a software more suitable for your need of embroidery digitizing!

Thank you for reading!



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