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Jacquard Instructed Embroidery Machine: Vintage Secret Of Modern Embroidery

Embroidery Digitizing

 It is mesmerizing how a piece of technology evolves with time. Who would have thought back then that an idea put into action by Jacques de Vaucanson and brought to life by Joseph-Marie Jacquard would have been a boom in the textile industry? Well, to see this classic Jacquard embroidery machine working is a delightful sight!

Back then, before Jacquard's invention, a weaver's assistant had to sit atop a loom, manually raise and lower its warp threads to create patterned cloth resulting in a slow and laborious task. With this valuable invention, the fashion industry had a 180- degree flip. The machine used interchangeable cards having small holes punched on them, which held instructions for weaving a pattern. On feeding into the Jacquard machine, the cards controlled the wrapping of threads.

                                                                                                                                                                   embroidery punching


Replication of patterns and designs was easy and efficient with this new advancement, causing a plummet in the cost of fashion, making it affordable for everyone. Fast-forward to 2021, we are still following the age-old embroidering methods, but with a touch of advanced technology that we call embroidery digitizing. Using software instead of punch cards in much faster and stable machines, we have a quicker turnaround time. All this is here, but there is no pleasure compared to watching a real Jacquard embroidery machine in action! 

 Video Courtesy : Embcon


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